Upcoming Events (updated 01/02/23)

We meet in person every Tuesday between 7pm and 9pm.
From Tuesday 7th February we will be meeting at

Global Footsteps, 16 Portland Street, Cheltenham, GL52 2PB

Meetings are friendly and informal and time is spent discussing upcoming actions and activities.
First timers have a chance to hear more about the climate crisis, Extinction Rebellion as a movement and our theory of change. Meetings start with a check in and finish with a check out. Everyone has the opportunity to comment, or offer their point of view.

From the Ground Up Festival - Saturday 4th February 2023
We will have a presence at the festival all day with a talk on Earth Overshoot Day (sold out). Other events will be available. For more details

Visit Eventbrite Page click here

for websites referred to in the talk follow the links below:

For Earth Overshoot Day website click here

For Footprint Network website click here

For a YouTube video explanation click here

Green Alliance Climate Cafe - 11th February 2023
We are inviting different 'green' organisations and/or individuals to come together and discuss connecting up.
This will take place between 10.15 and 12 on Saturday
At the Front Community Hub, Six Ways, 197 London Road, Charlton Kings, GL52 6HU

The Big One from 21st April 2023

100,000 people gathering in Parliament Square over two weeks to call out the Government on inaction on Climate change.
We will be organising a bus to take people from Cheltenham in the morning of Friday 21 or Saturday 22 April to Parliament Square (or a nearby drop off point) returning early evening. More details to follow. Register your interest in Eventbrite with this link
Click here for link


All of our work is free to use non-commercially in the full spirit of DIY. Do not use the work for commercial purposes, however well meaning, without prior consent from the originators. The Extinction Symbol was designed prior to Extinction Rebellion. Using the symbol on commercial merchandise is strictly forbidden. For more information visit

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